Circuit breaker test equipment



■ Specifically designed for measuring contact resistances in circuit breakers, disconnecting switches, bus-bar joints, and other such devices
■ Safer testing using the patented Dual Ground™ technology to test circuit breakers with both sides grounded
■ Fully automatic testing- microprocessor controlled
■ Wide measuring range and test currents
■ High powered and light

The MJÖLNER Series is designed to measure the resistance of circuit breaker contacts, bus-bar joints, contact elements in bus-bars and other high-current links. This product has been designed with safety, ease of use and versatility in mind. It can be used anywhere to measure a low resistance value with high accuracy. It conducts true DC ripple free current testing of bus bars, circuit breakers, fuses, etc.

Insulation testing Equipments

DELTA4000 Series


■ Power factor test set
■ Automatic and manual operation
■ Accurate and repeatable measurement results with high noise suppression
■ Lightweight, rugged two-piece design
■ New built-in intelligent temperature correction (patent pending)
■ New automatic voltage dependence detection (patent pending)

DELTA4000 series is a fully automatic 12 kV insulation power factor / dissipation factor (tan delta) test set designed for condition assessment of electrical insulation in high voltage apparatus such as transformers, bushings, circuit breakers, cables, lightning arresters, and rotating machinery.

Two configurations make up the series:

■ DELTA4110 with external computer (not included) consists of the DELTA4100 control unit and DELTA4010 high-voltage unit
■ DELTA4310A touch display interface comes with onboard computer, PowerDB software and printer and allows connection to and control of MWA300, TTR300/310E, MTO300, MLR10 and some Megger insulation resistance instruments.

Transformer testing Equipment's



■ Tests turns ratio, phase displacement, excitation current, vector group, winding resistance and polarity
■ Fully automatic; fast; easy-to-use; handheld; robust; lightweight
■ Battery powered with power-saving and shutdown function
■ Alphanumeric keyboard
■ RS232 for data transfer and printing
■ Stores 200 test results and 100 user-defined transformer test settings

The latest TTR available from Megger is the TTR100-1, a handheld, robust, lightweight and battery operated instrument. This TTR will complement several existing Megger transformer test products and will offer functions, such as winding resistance and polarity. These functions, as well as the phase angle measurement function, can be switched off when not required.

With a turn ratio of 20,000:1, the TTR100-1 offers the highest turns ratio accuracy in the industry of 0.1%. The TTR100-1 features special software capabilities.

The TTR100-1 is used to perform final test and calibration of transformers in the manufacturing process, such as a QA or Test Department. Using the new TTR100-1 in this environment will improve the productivity of such QA testing, as well as efficiently collect and store large amounts of data, which can be uploaded to a PC spreadsheet, or database program.

Transformer testing Equipment's


Replaces need for multiple test sets
■ Saves time by eliminating need for multiple instruments learning
■ User-friendly interface reduces training and testing time
■ Portable and compact system components for easy shipping
■ State of the art measurement methods for advanced diagnostic testing

TRAX application areas can be greatly expanded by the use of auxiliary instruments:

■ TDX120 – Accessory for tan delta /power factor up to 12 KV
■ TCX200 – High current accessory for primary injection testing up to 2000 A
■ TSX303 – Automated 3-phase switchbox for faster testing of power transformers
■ TSX300 – Manual switchbox for easier connection during power transformer testing
■ Line impedance kit – Kit for testing line impedance with TRAX

TRAX is not just another multi-functional test instrument, but rather many intelligent instruments built into one box. The software includes a number of apps, making it fast and easy to perform a large range of different tests. The hardware offers unmatched flexibility and the range of cables and accessories adds even more flexibility, making the TRAX an efficient and time saving system for any user in the world.

TRAX is a multi-functional solution for transformer testing. It also adds several common substation testing functionalities, and ultimately replaces numerous individual testing devices. Compared to conventional single-functionality instruments, TRAX saves time and is more cost effective.

TRAX applications range from power transformers, where it offers several unique and outstanding features, to instrument transformers, circuit breakers, and many other substation components.

Transformer testing Equipment's


Expands the range of capacitance and dissipation factor (power factor) test sets
Capable of tuning capacitances up to 1µF at 10 kV
Hand-crank tuning wheel
Core gap gauge that displays position of inductor core
Large wheels and handles for easy transport
The resonating inductor is an accessory for use with the semi-automatic 12 kV extended-range capacitance and dissipation factor test set, or the automated insulation power factor test set (DELTA series).

The resonating inductor is used to expand the capacitance range of these test sets and cannot be used with the standard 12 kV capacitance and dissipation factor test set.

The resonating inductor is connected in parallel with the internal power supply of the test set. A manual tuning wheel on the resonating inductor varies the inductance to tune the parallel circuit for minimum load current.

When used with the semi-automatic 12 kV extended-range capacitance and dissipation factor test set, or DELTA series, the resonating inductor will extend the short-time rating of the power supply from 200 mA to 4 A. This capacity is suitable for testing capacitance loads of up to 1 µF at 10 kV.

Transformer testing Equipment's


The SEMI AUTOMATIC OIL TEST SET (OTS60SX) is a lightweight, semi-automatic, oil dielectric strength test set.

Transformer testing Equipment's


The Megger MVCT test set is a lightweight, robust, portable unit capable of testing both current and voltage transformers.

Transformer testing Equipment's


The MTO 300 series delivers full eight-terminal/six-winding resistance measurement capability. It is designed to save time for the user by testing all normal 6 windings without having to disconnect and reconnect leads during testing.

Transformer testing Equipment's



Transformer testing Equipment's

IDAX300 and IDAX350

INSULATION DIAGNOSTIC ANALYSER is an insulation diagnostic instrument based on DFR (Dielectric Frequency Response), also known as FDS (Frequency Domain Spectroscopy).

Resistance, battery and PQ


The MPQ2000 portable power quality analyser has features which make it ideal for testing power quality in any environment, including rugged, weatherproof hardware, and the ability to power off Phase A or auxiliary power.

Resistance, battery and PQ


ELECTRODE & SOIL RESISTIVITY STAKE AND WIRE KIT, Megger have been a pioneer of earth/ground testing and provide exceptional test meters with accessory kits for this purpose. The Megger Earth Test Kit (ETK models) are designed to be as practical as possible.

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