About us

AGITROL solutions offer testing, commissioning & diagnostic services alongwith field instruments and permanently installed monitoring solutions for your plant assets.

Our business activities includes

  • Preventive, Predictive & Corrective Maintenance Services
  • Erection,Testing & Commissioning Services
  • Earthing/Grounding System Verifications
  • Electrical Testing & Diagnostic Equipment
  • Turnkey Lab Projects (Test Bench System)
  • Online Monitoring Solutions
  • Transformer Fire Prevention System
  • Supply of Transformer Manufacturing Materials
  • Transformer Oil Purification & Regeneration Solutions

We maintain long terms working relationships with our client’s on the basis of strong quality services, complete product solutions, extensive knowledge of high voltage systems and our immediate response to breakdowns. We are efficient, cost effective and agile towards our clients. Our dedication and commitment to clients in the field is well reflected by their trust and confidence in us we have. We are well informed of market trends and policies to support our client in the best manner. The principals we represent are well established in their fields and have a strong customer base and credentials.

Our team is dedicated to providing professional assistance in project management with consideration of critical time schedules and budgets. In this regard we are geared and committed to fulfill the requirements of the Electrical Utilities, Power Plants, Oil & Gas Explorers & Producers, Pipeline Companies, Petrochemical Plants, EPC Contractors and Power Equipment Manufactures. We ensure consistent technical support, innovative technology, efficient after sales services. We are dedicated to engineers, operators, technicians and workers, who contribute in development of the industry.

We also believe in being a strong and reliable partner for our Principals/OEM, to develop supply chain excellence, for both the customers and the principals.


Mission Statement

“Our mission is to provide quality & innovative product solutions as well as quality high voltage testing, diagnostic and asset maintenance services and solutions, through the implementation and continual improvement of our integrated management system, in alignment with our customers’ expectations”.

Vision Statement

“Our vision to grow our business of unique products and Services to cover the market by encompassing the fields of electrical installation, commissioning & asset maintenance through field services, valued partners and expert solutions provider”

 This will remain the driving principle of progress and success. This is why repeat business will remain a company norm and the distinguishing company characteristic.

This mission statement provides the direction for the company and will be reviewed for relevance and this will be achieved by:

  • The continued development of our workforce capabilities
  • Involvement of employees in the quality improvement process
  • Responsive and cost effective work execution
  • A focus on long term relationships with our clients in recognition of their needs and expectations
  • Our knowledge, experience, professionalism and pursuit of excellence
  • The development of additional business consistent with core expertise

Core Values:

In order to achieve our vision and mission, we are focusing on our core value:
Safety, Respect, Integrity
Quality Products & Innovative Solutions
Knowledge, Team Work, Quality Services
Responsiveness to Clients’ need and Schedule

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