Shark 250 Power and Energy Meter for Utility and Critical Industrial Substations

  • The Shark® 250 meter is the latest addition to the Shark® Series power and energy meter line. Designed for Utility substation and critical industrial applications, it offers enhanced revenue metering features, such as on-board Time of Use, CT/PT compensation. (Show More)
  • ANSI C12.20 Class 0.1% Accuracy
  • Enhanced Revenue Metering Features 
  • Large Memory Capacity for Load Studies
  • Robust Communication for Utilities
  • Standard Front USB Port for Communication
  • Waveform Recording up to 512 Samples/Cycle
  • Modbus, Level 2 DNP3, and IEC 61850
  • Field Upgradeable I/O
  • Cyber Secured Configuration

    Shark 200 Data Logging Power Meter/Transducer

    • The Shark 200 unit is an ultra-compact power metering device, providing industry leading revenue metering functionality combined with advanced data-logging, communication and I/O traditionally found only in high performance and high cost systems. This product is designed to incorporate advanced features in a cost effective, small package for large scale, low cost deployment within an electrical distribution system. (Show More)
    • 0.2% Class Revenue Certifiable Energy and Demand Metering
    • Expandable I/O with 100BaseT Ethernet 
    • V-Switch™ Key Technology Upgrade
    • Extensive Data Logging
    • Power Quality Recording
    • Embedded Web Server – With Smartphone & Tablet Support
    • DNP 3.0 over Ethernet; IEC 61850 Protocol
    • Alarm Email and Periodic Notification Email with Ethernet Card
    • NEW! Data Push to Cloud Servers with Ethernet Card and Enhanced Security for Ethernet Communication

      Shark 100 Power and Energy Meter/Transducer

      • The Shark 100 surpasses others providing advanced performance metering in a low cost, compact, panel meter design. Based on an all new platform, this meter significantly outperforms other devices many times its price. This unit is perfect for new metering applications and for a simple replacement to existing analog meters. (Show More)
      • Multifunction Electrical Power Measurement
      • Optional 100 BaseT Ethernet 
      • 0.2% Revenue Accurate
      • Optional RS485 Modbus & DNP 3.0 Protocols
      • Ultra Compact & Easy to Install
      • Fits both ANSI and DIN Cutouts   

      Shark 100B BACnet/IP Communicating Multifunction Meter

      • The Shark 100B is industry recognized as revenue grade power meter with native BACnet/IP protocol. This meter is designed to integrate seamlessly into existing and new building management systems using the popular BACnet protocol. Available as either a meter or transducer, the unit allows users to gather data on voltage, current, power and energy usage throughout a facility. (Show More)
      • Multifunction Measurements of AC Voltage, Current, Power and Energy
      • Industry Recognized Superior 0.2% Energy Class Accuracy
      • BACnet/IP 100BaseT Ethernet Protocol
      • Available in Meter or Transducer Version
      • Perfect for Alternative Energy and Building Management 

      Shark 50 Multifunction Electrical Power Meter

      • The Shark 50 meter includes a unique anti-dither algorithm to improve reading stability, benefiting operators. The unit utilizes high speed DSP technology with high resolution A/D conversion to provide stable and reliable measurements. The Shark 50 meter is easy to use and install and is perfect both for new metering applications and as a simple replacement of existing analog meters. (Show More)
      • 0.5% Class Accuracy
      • Great for Retrofit and New applications
      • Extends switchgear capability
      • RS485 Modbus Output
      • KYZ Output Pulse
      • One of the best Power Meters in its class

      Shark 50B BACnet MS/TP Communicating Power Meter

      • The Shark 50B is industry recognized as revenue grade power meter with native BACnet/IP protocol. The Shark 50B power meter was designed to be the perfect device for “Green” initiatives, LEED certified projects, smart buildings and all kinds of smart energy projects. This multifunction power meter’s dual communication interface provides the information needed by both energy management and building control applications. (Show More)
      • Multifunction Measurements of AC Voltage, Current, Power and Energy
      • Industry Recognized Superior 0.5% Energy Class Accuracy
      • BACnet MS/TP Serial
      • Modbus TCP/IP Ethernet
      • Highly Reliable Industrial Rated Design
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