Energy Manager EXT™ Energy Management Software Module Suite

  • The Energy Manager EXT Software Module Suite allows you to gather and report on every aspect of electrical power usage and power quality. The application is designed to be modular, building from base data collection software to a truly comprehensive solution that takes into account every aspect of electrical measurement and control. You can either purchase the entire module suite at one time, or buy more basic modules and add more advanced modules as your metering needs change. All of the software modules share a similar look and feel, and they work together to provide seamless integration and easy training. (Show More)
  • Monitor Electrical Power Reliably
  • Perform Advanced Power Quality Analysis
  • Produce Enterprise-Wide Energy Usage Reporting
  • Manage and Reduce Energy Costs
  • Improve System Uptime

    Communicator EXT™ Software Application 4.0

    • The Communicator EXT™ application is the base software package of the Energy Manager system. This software module lets you connect to remote meters via Serial, Ethernet or Modem communication. It lets you view real time metered data, configure meters and analyze information collected from EIG power monitors. This application works with all EIG metering equipment. (Show More)

    • Comprehensive Charting, Graphing & Analysis for Power Information
    • View Waveform Records with Comprehensive Data Analysis Features
    • Monitor Power Reliability
    • Perform Power Quality Analysis
    • Improve System Uptime
    • ODBC Databases for All Collected Data
    • Programming and Configuration

      MeterManager EXT Software Meter Data Collection Server

      • MeterManager EXT is a software service application that runs in conjunction with the Communicator EXT™ application as an automated service on a computer. It functions as an automation engine to manage meters for users.

        It consists of 5 main components (Show More)

      • Automated Meter Network Connection – The software automatically finds meters on a network by scanning configurable IP address ranges.
      • Organizes Meters into Groups – Group meters by location, type, download interval, name or any other desired method. View an installed base of meters as a unified group that can be managed easily and quickly.
      • App Launcher – Launch into any apps associated with that meter, such as the Communicator EXT™ application, Log Viewer, EnergyReporter Viewer, etc.
      • Multi-threaded Data Collector – The software architecture is designed as a multi-threading application running as a service, so that data is collected system-wide and automatically stored, while running in the background of the PC.
      • Automatic Meter Report Generator – Generate customized reports and send them out to users on programmed intervals.

        EnergyReporter EXT Application

        • Use the EnergyReporter EXT application to fairly and accurately bill customers for their energy usage. By doing so you will realize almost immediate cost savings, as your customers take ownership of their energy consumption. The EnergyReporter EXT application offers an Enterprise-wide, fully customizable billing solution to meet your every billing need. Use the application to easily set up multiple customer facilities, creating individualized rate structures for each, including local tariffs. Add or subtract meters from the facilities at will. Automatically import billing data and generate bills for all customers, for a particular customer, or for all meters at a location. Analyze usage and Peak Demand data across meters and billing dates:

          The EnergyReporter EXT application consists of three parts:

          The EnergyReporter Settings Editor
          The EnergyReporter Dashboard Viewer
          The Database Server

          (Show More)

        • View and Create Energy Dashboards and Reports
        • Accurately Bill Customers/Tenants for Usage
        • Reduce Energy Costs by System-Wide Energy Consumption Analysis
        • Automatically Import Energy Data from EIG Meters to Analyze Energy
        • Analyze Detailed Usage Data for Planning and Load Curtailment

          HMI EXT™ Software Application

          • The HMI EXT™ application is a fully functional SCADA HMI package that lets you obtain a complete graphical view of your electrical distribution system. Metered points configure easily using standard tags to display the different readings within the system. Users can configure the HMI system to poll any Modbus-based device for data viewing and control. This package communicates with all equipment necessary to have a comprehensive energy management solution. (Show More)

          • Advanced SCADA architecture
          • Direct Access via Ethernet or Network
          • Modbus TCP support
          • Real Time trending and graphing
          • Alarms and events logging
          • Advanced security
          • Emailing and paging on event
          • Energy billing and cost allocation
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